Cannabis cooking oils offer a versatile and effective alternative to traditional butter in baking and cooking. From cannabutter to cannabis tinctures, there are various options to explore. This article will explore the key takeaways from the world of cannabis cooking oils and provide insights into their use and benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabutter is a popular cannabis-infused ingredient that can be easily incorporated into baked goods.
  • Cannabis-infused oil allows for the incorporation of therapeutic properties of cannabis into baked goods.
  • Cannabis tinctures provide a versatile option for baking adventures without altering the texture or consistency of recipes.
  • Infusing cannabis into butter or oil is a popular method for creating cannabis-infused cookies.
  • Mixing cannabis-infused ingredients thoroughly with other baking ingredients ensures consistent and even infusion in recipes.

Cannabis Cooking Oils: Alternatives to Butter


Ah, cannabutter, the OG of edibles! It’s like the butter you know and love, but with a special herbal kick. Transforming your average cookie into a magical experience, cannabutter is your go-to for that extra zing in your baking. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Decarb Your Herb: Heat activates the good stuff, so don’t skip this step!
  • Simmer and Infuse: Low and slow is the mantra. Patience, young grasshopper.
  • Strain and Chill: Say goodbye to the plant bits, and hello to smooth, infused goodness.

Remember, the power of your cannabutter is in your hands (or your weed). Potency is a game of quality and craft.

Now, don’t go nuts on the dosage. Unless you want to visit the moon, keep it earthy. Measure with care, infuse with love, and always, always label your cannabutter. Safety first, snacking second!

Cannabis-Infused Oil

Move over, butter—there’s a new slick kid in town! Cannabis-infused oil is like the cool cousin of cannabutter, bringing a smooth vibe to your edibles. Whether you’re a coconut oil fanatic or an olive oil enthusiast, this method’s got you covered. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Choose your oil: coconut, olive, vegetable… you name it!
  • Heat gently: just enough to let those cannabinoids cozy up into the fat.
  • Strain and conquer: say goodbye to the plant bits, and hello to your new baking buddy!

Remember, the key is low and slow—like a chill Sunday morning.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not throw in some extra herbs? Make it a botanical bash! Just imagine the possibilities when you swap out the regular oil in your recipes for this infused wonder. Happy baking, and may your snacks always be elevated!

Cannabis Tincture

When butter just won’t cut it, and you’re not in the mood to play chemist with oils, cannabis tincture swoops in like a superhero in a cape made of hemp! This liquid magic is the Clark Kent of the cannabis world – unassuming but powerful. Tinctures are the ninjas of the edible world, sneaking into your recipes without a trace, leaving only their potent effects behind.

  • Potency: Handle with care, these drops pack a punch!
  • Versatility: A dash here, a sprinkle there, and voil\u00e0 – your dish is now ‘elevated’.
  • Stealth Mode: No change in texture or taste, just the way you like it.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Measure your tincture drops like you’re diffusing a flavor bomb – because you are!

And if you’re thinking, ‘How much do I use?’ – start low, go slow. Tinctures are like that friend who’s a lightweight; a little goes a long way. So, before you turn your kitchen into a scene from ‘Baking Bad’, check out this handy table:

Dosage (ml) Expected Effect
0.25 Microdose
0.5 Mild
1 Moderate
2+ Buckle up!

Now, go forth and tincture your treats, but don’t forget – the goal is ‘happy baking’, not ‘baking happy accidents’.

Infusing Cannabis into Butter or Oil

Ready to turn your kitchen into a cannabis chemistry lab? Infusing cannabis into butter or oil is like a bake-off with benefits. Get your dosing right, and you’ll be the toast of the town with your evenly baked goodies. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Decarb Your Weed: Heat activates the good stuff, so don’t skip this step!
  • Choose Your Fighter: Butter or oil? Coconut, olive, or the classic cannabutter? Pick your potion.
  • Low and Slow: Simmer, don’t scorch. Patience is a virtue that gets you higher.
  • Strain Game: After infusing, strain out the plant matter. No one wants a crunchy surprise in their brownie.

Remember, the potency of your concoction hinges on the strength of your cannabis and your mad scientist skills in infusion. So, measure twice, infuse once, and always label your infused fats—safety first!

Whether you’re whipping up cookies, brownies, or a ‘special’ salad dressing, infusing your own fats is a game-changer. Just imagine the dinner parties! "Pass the salad, please… and the flying carpet!"

Mixing Cannabis-Infused Ingredients

When it comes to mixing your cannabis-infused concoctions, think of yourself as a wizard in the kitchen. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility! Stirring is believing—make sure that magical green essence is spread evenly throughout your culinary creations.

  • Measure with Care: Precision is key. Too little and you’re just eating regular brownies; too much and you’re planning a trip to the moon.
  • Even Steven: Mix like your life depends on it. Uneven distribution is the enemy of a good time.
  • Temperature’s Temptation: Keep it cool, folks. Too hot and your THC says bye-bye.

Patience, young grasshopper. The art of infusion is a delicate dance between flavor and effect. Rush it and you might just end up with a batch of ‘regretti’ spaghetti.

Remember, the goal is to achieve that perfect balance where every bite is a delightful little journey. So, don your apron, wield that spatula, and let’s get mixing!

Cannabis CBD Salve Recipe

Ready to get your hands a little sticky and dive into the world of DIY cannabis topicals? Let’s whip up some Cannabis CBD Salve that’ll make your skin high-five you for the extra TLC!

Here’s what you’ll need to concoct this magic potion:

  • A cup of your favorite oils (Cannabis Infused Oil for the win!)
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons of Beeswax Pastilles (the more you add, the thicker it gets)
  • A quarter cup of Butter (pick your champion: Avocado, Shea, Kokum, you name it!)
  • A dash of Clove Essential Oil (12-18 drops should do the trick)

Remember, folks, this isn’t your grandma’s salve (unless she’s super cool). So, make sure you’re in a legal zone before you start playing chemist.

Mix and match your butters and oils like you’re the Bob Ross of balms. Avocado Butter for that moisturizing masterpiece, Shea Butter for a hydrating happy little skin, and Kokum Butter for the anti-inflammatory action. Stir it, strain it (twice if you’re feeling fancy), and pour it into glass containers that scream ‘I’ve got my life together.’

And there you have it! A salve so soothing, it might just become your skin’s new best bud.


In conclusion, cannabis cooking oils provide a versatile and therapeutic alternative to traditional butter in baking. Whether you opt for cannabutter, cannabis-infused oil, or cannabis tincture, there are various options to explore for creating delicious, elevated treats. The process of infusing cannabis into oils allows for easy incorporation into a wide range of recipes, adding a fun and adventurous twist to your culinary endeavors. So, go ahead and elevate your baking game with a touch of cannabis creativity!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cannabutter?

Cannabutter is butter that has been infused with the cannabinoids found in cannabis. It can be easily incorporated into baked goods like cookies, brownies, and cakes.

How do you make cannabis-infused oil?

Making cannabis-infused oil involves gently heating the cannabis in the oil of your choice, allowing the cannabinoids to dissolve into the fat. Once strained, you can use the resulting oil to replace regular cooking oil in your recipes.

What is cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tincture is a highly concentrated form of cannabis infused in alcohol. It can be easily added to baking recipes without altering the texture or consistency.

How do you infuse cannabis into butter or oil?

Infusing cannabis into butter or oil involves gently simmering cannabis flower or trim in melted butter or oil for an extended period, allowing the cannabinoids to bind with the fats.

How do you mix cannabis-infused ingredients into recipes?

To mix cannabis-infused ingredients into recipes, accurately measure the amount of cannabis-infused fat and mix it thoroughly with the rest of the ingredients to ensure even distribution.

What are the different types of cannabis-infused ingredients for baking?

There are various types of cannabis-infused ingredients for baking, including cannabutter, cannabis-infused oil, cannabis tincture, and others like CBD salve.

What are the considerations for making cannabis-infused cookies?

When making cannabis-infused cookies, accurately measure the amount of cannabis-infused fat, adjust the recipe accordingly, and mix the ingredients thoroughly to ensure consistent infusion in each cookie.

What are the benefits of using cannabis-infused ingredients in baking?

Using cannabis-infused ingredients in baking allows for the incorporation of the therapeutic properties of cannabis into baked goods, providing an elevated and potentially therapeutic experience.

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